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Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia
PSM and the Social Inclusion Agenda PDF Print E-mail
Written by straits-mongrel   
Sunday, 28 April 2013 10:09

sabm-sia-website1The proposed Social Inclusion Act (SIA) is an initiative by SABM and HAKAM to address increasing poverty and marginalisation plaguing Malaysia. At its core, the SIA seeks to redirect social welfare decisions and programmes away from the centre and place it much closer to the hands of the people who need it the most.

PSM was among the four political parties (PRM, SAPP, STAR Sabah) which readily endorsed the proposed SIA and have included the agenda in their GE13 manifesto. We asked S Arutchelvan, PSM Secretary-General to share his views.



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This is my Home PDF Print E-mail
Written by straits-mongrel   
Saturday, 04 May 2013 11:12



INSOFAR as the integrity of institutions go, it's been an ugly two weeks. The Election Commission, entrusted to be independent, has been dismal in performing its duties; from the indelible ink fiasco to the silence on foreign voters flooding in over the last couple of days. The mainstream media is guilty of running fear-mongering ads. So many government agencies have been exploited to aid the incumbent political coalition party return to power.

This isn't how a self-styled 'best democracy in the world' ought to work.

Yes, it's been ugly but it also underscores the amount of work we have to do post GE13. We.

We have to because this is our home.



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Rule of Law or Rule by Zahid’s Law? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 October 2013 22:15

gbm-logoTHE Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has, since the last general election been behaving unbecoming of a Minister of Malaysia. He behaved his worst on October 6, 2013, in Melaka when he committed multiple serious mistakes against the nation.

GBM is aghast at his behavior. It is totally unacceptable of a Minister of any country!

Blatantly ignoring the fact that 51 per cent of the peoples’ popular vote in the13th General Election went against UMNO, Zahid Hamidi told the Malaysians that 51 per cent of them could leave the country and settle elsewhere. This showed his total disregard for the choice the rakyat and his disrespect for democracy.

Last Sunday, 6th of October 2013, he was in Melaka to brief the people on issues related to national security. In the supposedly closed door meeting, Zahid Hamidi had the audacity to declare that the “Three Line Gang”, a banned Malay gang, as a friendly “festive gangsters” and cheered them on to do what has to be done. This is a blatant racist call to the Malay underworld to continue with their acts of gangsterism. GBM is constrained to state that lending support to gangsters of any type is contradictory to the responsibilty of the Home Affairs Minister.

With an eye on the forthcoming UMNO General Assembly and his aggressive lobbying for the VP post, Zahid ranted that the Chinese underworld were the head of gangsters and the Indians, the operators. He rationalised that the combination of these two pendatang races in the underworld rendered the Malays as their victims. GBM firmly believes that supporting the Malay gangsters, branding the Chinese and the Indians as head gangsters and operators respectively and declaring the Malays as the victims of gangsterism is unmistakably a racist discourse and a heinous scheme that can provoke racial emotions of the rakyat.

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Whither the “Rukun” of the “Negara”? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 September 2013 22:22

SABM-ethnicBy Jayanath Appudurai


WE are far from realizing the vision set forth in this historic document proclaimed by Parliament on the 31st August 1970.

OUR NATION, MALAYSIA, being dedicated:-

To achieving a greater unity of all her peoples;
To maintaining a democratic way of life;
To creating a just society in which the wealth of the nation shall be equitably shared;
To ensuring a liberal approach to her rich and diverse cultural traditions; and
To building a progressive society which shall be oriented to modern science and technology;


Forty three years have passed since the Rukunegara (and the NEP as the policy instrument) were presented as the way forward towards rebuilding the nation after the trauma of 1969. Whilst we can argue about the how we have fared in all of the above aspirations, our concern must necessarily be with the objective to create “a just society in which the wealth of the nation shall be equitably shared”. Let us examine the evidence using household income distribution.

The current population of 29 million can be divided into approximately 6.5 million households. Official data (DOSM,2012) reveal that the ‘Bottom 40%’ (2.6 million households) has an average monthly income RM 1,847 compared to RM 12,159 for the ‘Top 20%’ (1.3 million households). The Income Share of the ‘Bottom 40%’ is 14.8% compared to the 51.4% share of the ‘Top 20%’ households.  And the ‘Top10%’ of households has an income share of 32.3% compared to 1.9% for the ‘Bottom 10%’ households. This yawning income inequality gap is a recipe for disaster in any society!

Today, almost forty percent of our people are still trapped in the inter-generational cycle of poverty and inequality. Poor and Low Income households comprising almost 14 million Anak Bangsa Malaysia lack the capability to overcome the multi-dimensional disadvantages they face on a daily basis. Their upward mobility is severely constrained due to the inadequate asset base that includes low levels of education and skills, poor nutrition and health; and unwholesome living conditions.

A host of social ills associated with dysfunctional families from this stratum of our society is becoming evident. Increasing rates of substance abuse, delinquency and dropouts, child abuse, crime and mental illnesses, are clear indicators that something is amiss in our society.

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True, I am not you. I can’t know. PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 November 2012 01:25

houses1By Laura


She’s only 28. And she’s already borne nine children - the last one just six months ago. While I believe that children are gifts, I also believe that gifts come with responsibility. I feel that to leave the conception and bearing of children to chance or fate when you can intervene, to a degree of course, is inexcusable and this when they can ill afford to have another baby. As it is, they have to depend on charity.


I ask her if she's taken steps to stop further pregnancies and she says no. My feelings are mixed. I want to cry because she doesn’t know better. I want to cry because she’s so poor, legacy of an oppressive system and a vicious cycle of learned helplessness. At the same time, I am also angry because I feel she should know better. From my position, I feel that every woman should know instinctively to give the best protection, education, care and love to their offspring, and that if they can’t, they should seriously not consider bringing another kid into the world. Surely she can see what her many children are lacking. The filthy squalor they live in alone is reason enough not to have more children and I haven’t even started on education which is every child’s right.


Her toddlers lie on the cold, sticky and slimy floor of the bare flat - half naked, sharing a dirty bottle which contains what looks more like “kopi susu” than “susu”. The older ones sit with dirty faces and hair staring vacantly, flashing their white teeth in wide grins when I smile at them. I feel pity for them. And her. But I also feel a little angry that she brought them into the world, to a life of abject poverty - without their permission. They did not ask to be born and to be subjected to such a life.

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