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Kampung Pictures Tale in Ten P94: Just before the circus came to town
P94: Just before the circus came to town PDF Print E-mail
Written by straits-mongrel   
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 01:25

The Hulu Selangor By-Election campaign will be remembered as the most base in recent memory - cheap shots and character assassination by one political party hogged the media headlines in the early days of the campaign. "All's fair in love, war and elections," said a former PM yesterday. Sorry, but we beg to differ; there's such a thing as class. Does a semi-rural constituency deserve all this? JAYANATH APPUDURAI catches a glimpse of this charming territory just before the circus came to town


Victor of “Baba Low 486” fame and I decided to do the ‘uncool’ thing. We visited some parts of sprawling Hulu Selangor constituency two days before nomination day.

First stop was laid-back Serendah Town.



This is the only new building in an otherwise 1950’s town!





The town is even “home” for ‘lallang-growing’ lorries.



The fond memories of travelling down the old North bound trunk road came flooding back when we met Mr.Singh. The ‘barfi’ sweet shop is still there after 40 years! Be sure to try it the next time you are in Serendah. The 'palkova' is simply heavenly.



We also took time to observe this veteran craftsman at work.


Next town was Batang Kali of The Emergency fame. A bit more activity but not much else except this reminder of a forgotten “promiseland”.


Too upset to stop, we drove through to the next town Rasa.



Once a thriving town built on the rubber boom, it went into the doldrums for 30 years, until a shot of “rebirth” adrenaline was recently provided by the link to the PLUS Highway.



But what used to be the Main Street in the early boom days is now ‘deceased’ as the signboard aptly says…

Next and last stop was Kuala Kubu Bharu. The ubiquitous clock tower that the Colonials loved to build in almost every major town.



This one to commemorate the coronation of King George V in 1931.



Not much excitement in town, just some good old Hailam mee and an interesting banner, now obviously of academic significance!


Finally we needed this to find our way back…..



Perhaps, we as a nation need it to get our directions right too?

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prathab  - Great pix1 |2010-04-21 12:48:40
Great Pictures! An 'old' town indeed.....there many such towns in the country. Sometimes such towns have simple folks residing there and prefer not to be disturbed, while others ask: "Where's the development?"
luxmi  - it is... nothing new... |2010-04-21 13:34:34


What did these people vote for all these years ???????
looks like TIME HAS STOOD STILL...
A good location for a rural film, however !!!!!
kjjohn  - Truth Revealed |2010-04-21 16:00:09
Well done Jay, you could have been a good investigative reporter!
luxmi  - it is...nothing new... |2010-04-21 21:34:36 is time for a change...
Ibrahim Babu |2010-04-21 23:19:59


Nice pictures,
Oldie  - Old Town Lover |2010-04-22 11:18:38
I miss old towns like this. My town was like this 40 years ago. Wish I can go to back to time and relive the moments.



LW |2010-04-22 12:02:53
Great Photos. My wife is from KKB and we have traveled to that town and the surrounding areas countless times over the years.

Those buildings in your photos are colonial heritage and pre-war shop houses and KKB definitely have lots of these, which make it a great historical site for tourism. Many famous artists such as Wong Hoi Chong who are inspired by the town reside in that area.

Sure, by all mean, get angry at the lack of responsibility of the government, but in the mean time be careful what message you are sending. Our Malaysians mentality is to demolish everything that look abandoned and dirty regardless of it's historical value, and replace with new buildings which makes us looks "developed" yet without substance and hollow.

These buildings need to be carefully preserved, not demolish.
matador  - Cant argue |2010-04-22 14:01:25
Totally agree with you. Should not sacrifice our historical heritage on the pretext of development. Arguably prosperity is not only reflected through physical appearance but abusing historical heritage equate to greatest mistake. Restore the building for the benefit of future generation and potentially can boost the tourism industry.
Jayanath  - Yes 2 Preserving Heritage |2010-04-22 14:38:44


Dear LW,

Very valid points, thanks.
Rest assured the concern was for preserving the history and heritage. Most certainly not replacing the beautiful but sadly neglected buildings!
angel  - To a memory dear. |2010-04-22 13:59:06
Lost to sight and however painful the present state of this dear little space which has been captured so beautifully, by you two with your words and is still fond to my memory.

These are the streets I used to pass by when our Dad drove us up to Fraser's Hill....and we would stop at the celebrated Barfi shop to bring home packets of those mouth-melting moment, typically Indian sweets that nearly everyone talks about.

The growth of the lallang, wildly climbing its way into everything there, is a stark reminder that places like this have to be revisited in order to connect the old and the new of our country Malaysia.

And to realize that.....

Nothing is lost, we need only to be aware that this country needs the right changes and care.

So shall we vote wisely to bring in the changes.


Thanks for the memory.
passion1 |2010-04-22 17:19:53
KKB is situated a the foot of Frasers Hill. The scenery from KKB to Gap, is splendid.The rocky stream on yourleft, and the hills on ypur right, is just beautiful. However, when you leave it to the locals to promote it, they will say, what's so beautiful about that?
Try go to Quilin, in China. There, they bring you to see caves, rivers and hills.
Woon |2010-04-24 12:09:24
Reality in BolehLand, MPs and State Rep will better serve their contituents being dead. Land titles given out, Mykard given out, School Funding promised, Flood Victim nicely compensated, Ang Pow money, Estate workers to earn more, Road resurfaced, pipe water connected, you even get PM to take a look at your clogged drain!!!
All this only happen when wour rep. is dead and by election in motion. SAAAD..
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