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Kampung Compass Points Letters Conspiracy against the PSM and EO6
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 21:08


1. On 25th June 2011, 31 PSM activists/participants including the bus driver and his son was arrested at Kepala Batas and on 26th June 2011, 30 were remanded for 7 days to be investigated under Section 122 Penal Code for waging war against the King. Till today, none of the 31 have been charged under this section 122.

On 4th July 2011, after a 10 days remand, 24 of them were charged  under Section 48 and Section 43 of the Societies Act;  and section Section 29 (1) of the Internal Security Act for being in possession of subversive documents.

In the charge sheet, it is stated that the illegal organization is BERSIH and the subversive documents were BERSIH leaflets. So it appears that the Section 122 is just to get a longer remand but none of the questions asked during that time was related to the charge.

2. Regarding the 6 EO detainees. On July 2nd, the end of the remand period, the police released 6 of the detainees Including Dr. Jeyakumar - PSM Member of Parliament, M.Saraswathy – Party’s National Deputy Chairperson , Choo Chon Kai – Central Committee Member and three others from all charges under Section 122 but they were immediately rearrested under the draconian Emergency Ordinance.

If they were released under Section 122 but rearrested under EO, therefore it implies that they may have committed an offence much more serious than the 122 but that is all a farce. On 2nd July, the 6 were initially given family notification letter which stated that they have been arrested under the EO to prevent them from participating in the July 9 Bersih rally. (Pergerakan Bersih adalah satu pertubuhan tidak berdaftar dan akan menganjurkan satu perhimpunan pada 9-7-2011 di Kuala Lumpur. Perhimpunan ini membawa  kemudaratan awam dan banyak aduan polis telah di buat terhadap perhimpunan itu. Anda di syaki akan mengambil bahagian  dan untuk mencegah  dari terlibat  anda di tahan.

This letter of notification was later replaced by another letter which stated that they have been arrested under the EO to maintain public order. mereka telah bertindak dengan cara yang memudaratkan ketenteraman awam.


3. In the media, the Deputy IGP said that those arrested under EO were subversives with links to foreign elements. The foreign elements mentioned in the media was Song Min-young, a Korean intern who was deported on 1 July and Filipino’s Romeo Castillo who was  deported 6 July 2011. All of them had no charge against them. Now it is clear that this yet another hollow allegations.

4. Please take note that none of the charge against PSM was on t-shirts of ex-MCP leaders, PSM “Udahlah leaflets” or PSM newspapers. To the public, the government accused PSM for trying to revive the MCP.


The following are some of the new conspiracy or labels they are trying to fit PSM into. PSM feels it is important to expose these because PSM has always practiced an open and transparent kind of politics (nothing clandestine or underground as the Government is trying frame it)


This information is based on the intense interrogations done by three units of the police from the District (IO), CID D6 and Special Branch - Bukit Aman Special Team. They used various techniques and interrogations, abusive language, soft and hard approach, instilling fear, torture (made to stand for entire question time 7 hours) as well as pitting one member against another. There is also fear that they have made some members sign documents which they are not familiar on the contents. These members will be lodging police reports to clear their name and complaint against the manner of interrogation. The main problem was that the police did not want to accept the rights of those detained to use the rights to remain silence and tell in court. This is a right accorded by law.

On the 6 EO detainees, though we have no report of physical harm but they are kept in solitary confinement, mentally tortured and asked to admit to many allegations.

So these are the new conspiracy theories now

1. The PSM members and activist who participated in the Udahlah campaign was used by PSM (especially the 6) and were paid to do it. Because of the people who  participated are grassroots leaders who have fought for their local issues such as evictions and housing rights, these PSM members have a high level of fighting spirit as well as very principled. Since they don’t want to implicate any PSM members as well as decided to tell everything in court, these has been interpreted by the police that these PSM members have undergone special training which make them very strong. For example, Jody a grassroots leader for Ladang Stratshila has been accused as having the capacity to be suicide bomber. Similar accusations were made to others. This is the level of stories which we may expect to hear.

2. PSM is planning a Arab-Egypt kind of Revolutions. This is based on one of our resolution in our Congress. This document was not a secret document and was notified to the media. This as well as our udahlah…bersaralah leaflet. Once again it is clear that PSM was talking about making a brave choice for regime change through the general election but once again it is now twisted to say that PSM is planning to topple the Government by street demonstration. Let us be clear that PSM supports any kind of peaceful democratic movement. As long as the majority of the people want to bring about change in a nation, we would support any form of democratic movement as long as it is not violent – let it be in Egypt, Iran or Phillipines.


3. SB questions and answers (frame up). The SB has also posed some questions and provided the answers as below and we fear that some of the members were forced to sign documents without knowing the content or the consequences. We believe some of this documents may be used. Among the questions and answers are as below

i.            Who is the main leader of this group ? Dr. Jeyakumar

ii.            Who paid for the leaflets ? Letchumanan

iii.            Who paid/purchased for the banners and t-shirts ? Letchumanan

iv.            Why did you join PSM ? Because of communist ideology but peaceful

v.            What activities you do in PSM? Help the poor and topple the Government


(this are some of the prepared questions and answers , there are other questions besides this)



1. Does PSM have MOU with PR?

2. What if PR only gave you 3 seats? Will you stand in all 17 branches?

3. What do you think of Anwar? He seems to be the mastermind behind. Not in front. Can he be trusted?

4. Did you give away Bersih leaflets? Did any PR leaders come to greet you?

5. Are you recruiting members?

6. Which do you prefer - firearms charge (death) or ISA?

7. What you think about Army purchases?

8. Better get overseas funding, how else can PSM grow?

9. See you challenged PR on Buah Pala. Surely PR not happy with you.

10. If a lazy man gets subsidized funding, how will the hard working man feel?

11. Bersih is getting overseas funding. That is why they can't call it off

12. Ambiga is building her name so she can get into politics!

13. Who funds Saras? Why is she not married?

14. Do NGOs give you funding?

15. Do you have any ritual for new members who join the party?


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