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Saturday, 25 February 2012 10:05

Green (n,. adj.)

O.E. grene "green, young, immature, raw," earlier groeni, from W.Gmc. *gronja- (cf. O.S. grani, O.Fris. grene, O.N. grænn, Dan. grøn, Du. groen, O.H.G. gruoni, Ger. grün), from PIE root *ghre- "grow" (see grass), through sense of "color of living plants."

(attr - Online Etymology Dictionary)


Here's to green. It is a colour, in various translations, that stands for freshness, regeneration, and hope.



In the decades when the 20th century birthed into the 21st, green has increasingly been associated with environmental sustainability. It has become urgent. We recycle, we refrain from excessive waste, we demand for natural light and ventilation in our buildings. There's many more - explore renewable energy options, reduce plastic, ban asbestos, preserve the jungle, green lungs within the city. Let life live.

Just about every caring community on this aqueous emerald globe is doing its part. It's our commitment to the future, something much more than saving our species alone.


Yet cold cash freezes the heart. Business, when untempered and unfettered, cares two hoots about 'the natives'. We've seen all that before from the sulphur mines of East Java, blood diamonds, to our Borneo jungle. In enough instances, the greed creeps up the instittutional bloodstream - government lends a hand. Diluluskan. No dialogue, opaque processes, sleight of hand. Bat an eyelid and a plant is born, an incinerator in our backyard, our jungle felled, dams erected, and a fast-depleting biodiversity. We have seen this all before. We the natives.

So how? Rant again?


No. Stand.

Stand for due diligence, for genuine governance, for consultation and compassion. This Sunday, tomorrow, is not simply about Lynas. It is about air, water, food, and the intricate web of nature of which we are a part of. It is about stewardship.

This Sunday, stand for green.


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